YS Packaging Shipping Bag
YS Packaging Shipping Bag is a high-quality product designed with safety and practicality in mind when transporting your belongings. These bags come with both pocketed and non-pocketed options, making them an ideal choice for protecting items of various shapes and sizes.

24*30+4cm Unprinted Non-Pocketed Shipping Bag
This size of bag is suitable for small, lightweight items. You can use it to package small accessories, jewelry, electronic devices, or documents.

30*38+5cm Unprinted Non-Pocketed Shipping Bag
This size of bag is ideal for transporting medium-sized items such as clothing, books, toys, documents, and similar goods. You can use this bag for mailing purposes or small shopping trips.

35*45+5cm Unprinted Non-Pocketed Shipping Bag
These dimensions are perfect for transporting slightly larger items. You can package shoes, home textile products, laptops, and similar belongings with ease.

40*50+5cm Unprinted Non-Pocketed Shipping Bag
When you need to transport larger items, this bag size comes in handy. It's suitable for lightweight sports equipment, small household appliances, or large textile products.

45*55+5cm Unprinted Non-Pocketed Shipping Bag
This is the largest size, ideal for transporting larger decorative home items, toys, frames, bags, and more.

Choose YS Packaging Shipping Bags for secure and practical transportation of your belongings.
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