YS Packaging 

Shipping Bagis a High-Quality

secure, and practical solution designed for easy transportation of your belongings. Available in both pocketed and non-pocketed variants, these bags offer an ideal option for carrying items of different sizes.

9.45" x 11.81" + 1.57" (24cm x 30cm + 4cm) Shipping Bag

This size is suitable for transporting small and lightweight items. You can place small accessories, jewelry, electronic devices, or documents in this bag.

11.81" x 14.96" + 1.97" (30cm x 38cm + 5cm):

This size is ideal for transporting medium-sized items such as clothes, books, toys, and documents. You can use this bag for postage or small shopping needs.

13.78" x 17.72" + 1.97" (35cm x 45cm + 5cm):

This size is perfect for carrying slightly larger items. You can securely package shoes, home textiles, laptops, and similar items in this bag.

15.75" x 19.69" + 1.97" (40cm x 50cm + 5cm):

When you need to transport larger items, this size will come in handy. You can easily fit lightweight sports equipment, small home appliances, or large-sized textile products in this bag.

17.72" x 21.65" + 1.97" (45cm x 55cm + 5cm):

This largest size is suitable for transporting medium-sized household items, toys, frames, bags, and more.

The pocketed and non-pocketed variants allow users to pack their belongings in an organized manner. The non-pocketed variant features a flat structure for simple placement of your items, while the pocketed variant allows you to securely layer your outputs.

YS Packaging Plain Courier Bag is made of durable and waterproof material, ensuring the protection and safety of your items. Its flexible structure allows for easy folding and storage when not in use.

The YS Packaging Plain Courier Bag in all sizes is suitable for various purposes, from daily use to business-related shipping needs. Both individual users and businesses can utilize these bags to transport their belongings easily and securely.

With YS Packaging Plain Courier Bag

you can prioritize both the security and convenience of transporting your items. The high-quality material and various size options provide the best solution tailored to your needs.
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