Invoice Pocket


The invoice pocket is a practical product designed for organizing, transporting, and protecting invoices. This compact and convenient wallet allows you to store your invoices in an orderly manner.

A4 Size: Dimensions: 8.27 inches x 11.69 inches A4 size is the most commonly used size and corresponds to the standard size of a sheet of paper. It is often preferred for printing files, reports, letters, and documents.

A5 Size: Dimensions: 5.83 inches x 8.27 inches A5 size is half the size of A4. It is used for smaller brochures, leaflets, notebooks, and similar purposes.

A6 Size: Dimensions: 4.13 inches x 5.83 inches A6 size is smaller than A5, being half its size. It is frequently chosen for cards, invitations, small brochures, and labels.

A7 Size: Dimensions: 2.91 inches x 4.13 inches A7 size is smaller than A6, being half its size. It is commonly used for small cards, notepads, labels, and mini brochures.

A8 Size: Dimensions: 2.05 inches x 2.91 inches A8 size is smaller than A7, being half its size. It is often preferred for small labels, name cards, placeholders, and similar purposes.

A9 Size: Dimensions: 1.46 inches x 2.05 inches A9 size is smaller than A8, being half its size. It is used for very small labels, tags, miniature cards, and similar purposes.

Please note that the provided information has been rearranged in an e-commerce product description format, including inch measurements for the English equivalents of the sizes. If you have any specific requirements or need further assistance, please let me know.

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